Program Communications

Roundabout intersectionAnnual reporting
The annual report is a once-a-year opportunity to communicate the value of individual research projects and the program as a whole—to FHWA, senior managers, and stakeholders inside and outside the agency. CTC helps DOT research programs tailor a report that reflects the particular culture of the agency and its research efforts. We help summarize and communicate financial, project and program information in an interesting, usable way, so research is seen as a primary tool for innovation across the department. See examples

Print and online newsletters
CTC designs and produces newsletters that engage DOT staff and investigators in the progress and products of the research program. We work with our clients to develop a format that best meets their communication needs. It can be a simple online bulletin, a quarterly wrap-up of completed projects, a rotating focus on different topic areas, or feature stories on project managers or investigators. See examples

Attractive, user-friendly websites are more important than ever for making information accessible to internal and external audiences. CTC has provided Web services for clients across the transportation industry, including state DOTs, pooled fund studies, university research centers and state trade associations. We can design and populate your site; provide multi-user editing capabilities; incorporate social media, members-only sections, and registration and payment capabilities; and host the site on our servers if desired. See examples

Feature articles
As part of our suite of marketing services, CTC periodically contributes feature articles about our clients’ research efforts to industry-leading publications. These articles raise our clients’ visibility nationally and help build support for key initiatives. See examples

Examples of Our Work