Technical communications for transportation professionals

Pooled Fund Management

Four-lane congested highwayCTC helps state DOTs manage pooled fund studies both as the lead agency and as a partner:

  • Understand and apply FHWA’s financial procedures when handling pooled fund commitments and obligations.
  • Solicit staff input regarding which high-priority projects to fund.
  • Track and manage funding commitments, transfers and obligations.
  • Orient DOT staff to their role in representing the DOT on pooled fund project committee.
  • Write and distribute committee meeting minutes and other key documents.
  • Handle meeting planning logistics and technical oversight committee communications.
  • Develop RFPs and coordinate the project contracting process.
  • Track and report research progress and results within the pooled fund committee and to external audiences.
  • Market the pooled fund project through an up-to-date website, e-mail notices, brochures, meeting presentations and articles in trade publications.

Our experience
CTC has worked extensively both with ongoing, multi-project pooled fund studies and shorter term, single-project studies. We have also helped DOT research programs manage their pooled fund projects as a whole. We know that each agency’s approach to pooled fund participation is a little different and requires great attention to detail. We work closely with our clients to understand their internal processes and to respond to their management and communication needs.