Technical communications for transportation professionals
Elevated highway structure with cityscape in backgroundHighway crew applying hot-mix asphalt from dump truckPassing snowplow with snow spraying off the plow blade
CTC & Associates provides technical communications services for the transportation sector. Based in Madison, Wisconsin, the firm serves state departments of transportation, local road agencies, associations, universities and national research programs. We help our clients drive change with effective communication of research results, peer practices and management strategies.

Program Communications

Show the value of your research program in clear, compelling ways. CTC & Associates will help you develop performance measures, annual reports, newsletters (print and online), videos and websites that drive change.
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Technology Transfer

Capture the impacts of your research projects for internal and external audiences. CTC & Associates will develop tailored research summaries for your projects that tell the story of the problem, solution and benefits – in technically accurate yet interesting language that is accessible to both managers and specialists.
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Information Services

Don’t reinvent the wheel. CTC & Associates will conduct quick-turnaround research for you on any transportation topic. We’ll comb the literature, interview experts and conduct surveys – then package it all in a readable report that highlights gaps and potential next steps.
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Pooled Fund Management

Leverage your research investments. CTC & Associates will help you organize and manage a pooled fund study with partner agencies. We’ll facilitate and document meetings, help develop RFPs, report on progress and disseminate findings.
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