Transportation Research and Connectivity Pooled Fund

Client: Transportation Research and Connectivity Pooled Fund
Audience: Transportation librarians, state transportation agency research stakeholders

This consortium of state DOTs and other partners supports the coordinated development of transportation libraries as well as research organizations without dedicated libraries. Study focus areas include communication and networking, digitization, research report accessibility, and communication products that support transportation information professionals.

CTC & Associates helped the Transportation Research and Connectivity pooled fund (TPF-5(442)) develop a suite of communication products focused on key transportation issues and the needs of transportation librarians and other information services providers. These include:

Transportation Libraries and Information Centers: Current Practices and Future Directions. This synthesis report used a survey of library stakeholders—librarians, research program managers, library users and agency leadership—to learn how transportation libraries and information centers are currently serving their users and how those who manage transportation information can more effectively navigate the future.

A companion one-page fact sheet and conference poster offer a sampling of synthesis findings and discusses the challenges associated with current and emerging trends in transportation libraries.

Transportation Library Toolkit. Available in print and online as a collection of Quick Guides, this toolkit is aimed at helping new and seasoned information professionals meet the challenges and take advantage of the opportunities in a time of evolving information needs, capabilities and contexts.

Online resource guides. Each guide is a digital collection of the most informative online resources available on a single topic, carefully curated to help transportation librarians and others save time and learn more about current and evolving topics in transportation.