Principal Investigator (PI) Training Webinars -DRAFT

Webinar A: Introduction to RSS (Research Services Section)
• Brief introduction to RSS and the webinar series
• Roles and Responsibilities (MnDOT, PIs, CTS (U of M), and other Universities)
• MnDOT Library’s Services and products

Webinar 1: Getting a Research Idea Funded; Development and Presenting a Proposal

After your project proposal has been selected for funding, your next step is to prepare a work plan. In this webinar, you’ll learn how to prepare a work plan that, once approved, is used to develop a contract for your research project. We’ll also share a revised work plan template that includes three new tasks for this research cycle. The topic areas covered include:

  • Moving from the proposal to the work plan
  • Allocating appropriate funding
  • Allocating time to approve draft deliverables
  • Developing the scope, budget and schedule
  • Incorporating benefits and implementation into the work plan
  • Contracting steps and timeline

• MnDOT’s research development steps and timeline
• Working with Need Statements
• Submitting a proposal without a Need Statement
• Identifying a public sector champion for your research idea
• Working with Master Contracts
• Print and electronic resources
• Literature searches
• Reference assistance
• MnDOT’s focus on quantifying benefits and implementation
• Completing an effective Proposal
• Presenting the Proposal

Webinar 2: Developing the Work Plan and Contract

• Brief overview of IdeaScale
• Moving from the proposal to the work plan
• Completing the work plan form
• Understanding the review process for task deliverables
• Developing the Scope, budget, and schedule
• Planning for implementation
• Incorporating benefits and implementation into the work plan
• Contracting steps and timeline

Webinar 3: Managing Your Project
• Working with TAP
• Working with Subcontractors
• Completing Task Deliverables in a timely manner
• Obtaining Task Approval
• Quarterly Reports
• Invoicing Process and Approval Timeline
• Contract Amendments
• Travel Authorization and Reimbursement
• Reimbursement for Equipment and Materials
• Transition Plan for a change in PI

Webinar 4: Preparing Draft and Final Reports; Contract Closeout
• Draft vs. Final Report
• Guidelines for preparing the Final Report
• Technical and Editorial Reviews
• Publicizing Research Results
• Implementation Projects
• Project Evaluation