MnDOT Research Services & Library’s Webinars for Principal Investigator (PI)

MnDOT Research Services & Library has prepared a series of four webinars to help prepare university researchers for their role as principal investigators for MnDOT and Local Road Research Board research projects. Each webinar lasts no more than an hour and covers the key things you’ll need to know when working with MnDOT.

We developed the webinars to follow the research cycle, starting with a research idea that becomes a project proposal, and moving through the research cycle until you’ve prepared your final report and are ready to publicize research results.

Use the links below to see descriptions of the four webinars and access recordings of the live sessions. You can also download a copy of the PowerPoint presentation used during each webinar. The first time you access each webinar you’ll be asked to complete a brief form with your name, email address, and university or organization.


Getting a Research Idea Funded; Overview of MnDOT Library; Developing and Presenting a Proposal
D​eveloping the Work Plan and Contract
Managing Your Project
Preparing Draft and Final Reports; Contract Closeout


Please contact Chris Kline at if you need help accessing the webinar recordings. Please contact Hafiz Munir at if you have questions about MnDOT’s research program.